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but he's a witness right now. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies say when san jose police officers spotted the suspect's car and found out it was stolen. when they tried to pull the car over, it took off. >> now, no police officers were hurt and investigators are not releasing the age or the name of the suspect. we're live in san jose right now. nbc, bay area news. >> a singer hits a sour note during a bay area show. and the out rage is being heard around the world. her name is michelle shocked. many walked out of her san francisco performance. nbc bay area joins us in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: the staff here at yoshi's say michelle shocked had to pull the plug on michelle shocked show and it's the first time they've ever pulled a plug only a show. they say she's not welcomed back
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here and will not be getting paid after she stood on the stage and delivered a hate speech. ♪ there must be 50 different i. ways to loathe your loverer ♪ >> a fan posted this video on youtube. the singer song writer is at an occupy wall street rally singing out against banks. tonight, people around the world are speaking out against michelle shock. yoshi pulled the plug on the 51-year-old's show last night when she launched into a hateful homofo homophobic rant. ingly. >> yeah, you heard me right. >> lisa says the stunned audience reacted quick quickly. >> shouts from the audience members, please, stop. >> staff did their best to quickly silence the hate. >> turn on the lights. turn off the microphone and please get her off the stage. this cannot happen anywhere, especially in this day and age
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and most assuredly in san francisco. >> if michelle shocked was looking for attention, she got it. twitter is buzzing with criticism for the singer who once identified as bisexual but now says she's born again. fans are posting videos of the destruction of the her cds. >> i respect your right to have believes. that's absolutely fine. but bigotry, ignorance, that i don't accept. >> yoshi says it has tried repeatedly to reach the artist but says she's not returning their calls. after a shocking display, michelle shocked is no longer welcome. >> now, michelle shocked had a long list of shows scheduled. including two in the bay area that have been cancelled. reporting live in san fr francis francisco, bay area news. >> the super bowl may be three
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years away, but the city is prepared to meet the nfl's financial demands. the city council has come up with several resolutions. among them, waiving the city's hotel tax for nfl employees and the teams. suspending ticket surcharges and droped adding parking fees. the concessions add up to millions. it's more than worth it because it will be offset by the income and the publicity. >> the way that we're doing the superer bowl is a great regional effort. we'll be able to highlight everything from the golden gate to silicon valley. >> santa clara city council will hold a special meeting. with little to no rain so far this year, any rain would be big news. >> yes, tonight, a storm is moving in. take a look. on your left, a live look from
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the south bay. clouds hanging over east san jose. on the right, the bay bridge toll plaza. the roads still dry at this hour, but tomorrow will be a different story. chief meet i don't goologiteo m this story. >> we're tracking a lot of moisture and showing up as rainfall on the radar. we know no reporting sites have tipped over anything more than one hundredth of an inch. expect a few areas of drizzle and also mist. that is pretty much it here for at least the next three to four hours. storm systems are going to get more motion with it. start heading towards the east. that's going to provide us anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rainfall. we're going to have the full time line on this storm system. and what do we mean for that rainfall season coming unl. >> jus in, a county in shock
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after finding a sink hole in their backyard. the man-made pond that was supposed to be there wasn't. the homeowner says that it would normally take him seven days to drain with a pump. it took only four hours to drain with this sink hole. now, they're trying to determine what made the earth cave in on their property. >> unimaginable store row after an unthinkable family tragedy. a grieving grandfather is opening up about his loss after his grandson was killed when a race car slammed into it. a car driven by his other grandson. it crashed into the track in marysville saturday night. racing has defined them since the '50s and the love of the sport spans four generations. >> i know that mark would say to chase, you're going to drive a
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car. i don't want you crazy because of me. you drive that car. >> investigators are looking into whether mechanical problems led to the crash. the owner of another race car at the track was also killed in that same pit crash. >> new details in the killing of a san francisco newspaper vendor. police made an arrest in this case. 36-year-old mark castle is being held on murder charges. police say castle picked up 77-year-old dallas heirs and dropped him on to the pavement. heirs suffered hip injuries and died three weeks later. he was so well known -- he was very well known at the montgomery street station where he sold the chronical for 30 years. casellis, believed to be a transient, will be arraigned later this week. >> likely headed to prison. today, he admitted in court to use taxpayer funds to feed his gambling addiction.
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he pled gmt to a dozen criminal charges and, in exchange, the district attorney agreed not to push for the maximum eight years in state prison. >> we're aware of his addiction. we were aware of some of his public service. we were aware of how the community was wrong. we knew he was going to step down right away. and wie wanted to end the night mary. >> he's set to be sentenced on april 30th. a special election will be held on june 4th to fill his vacant seet. >> still ahead, a 7-year-old girl races to the rescue. >> the flames started getting louder and higher. >> 86-year-old woman who is -- >> she sprung to action when no one else was paying attention. how firefighters say she may have stopped those flames from spreading. >> also, the snooezing has started before spring. why allergy season has arrived ahead of schedule. >> you could call it a family affair. a group of self-proclaimed
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gypsies stole millions of dollars worth of electronics there big-name stores. how they did it and what motivated them.
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. st. peter's square is on lock down tonight.
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the area cleaned out and cleaned up. the square is empty now, but will give way to hundreds of thousands tomorrow. >> we feel like it's a new breath for the church again. >> many traveling from their homeland. >> i'm very proud. >> the early days of the papacy have been defined by his humble spirit and easy demeanor. as world leaders pour into italy, pope francis will sit among kings, presidents and religious leaders. the u.s. delegation in italy led by vice president biden. the vatican announced today francis has decided to keep the same coat of arms he used as cardinal of buenes spsz aries. and on the night before his inaugural mass, many expressed his desire to repair problems in the catholic church. >> we see his character is embracing the people.
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>> who tomorrow, will gather here to embrace him. >> in rome, i'm jay grey, nbc bay area news. >> there's video of a suspected shoplifting ring in action. watch closely. a self proclaimed family of gypsies is accused of stealing more than $3 million in electronics. police say the men would distract the clerks while the women would hide pricey goods under their clothing. police found $20,000 worth of apple prublgts when they arrested the four in southern california. they told investigators they were stealing to pay off a debt. it's music to the ears of a guitar owner. guitars will not be sublt to the city's live music zoning laws. the store was forced to cancel a number of performances and group lessons all because of a zoning conflict. but they got the green light.
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all scheduled shows and classes will go on including a concert benefits st. jude's children's research hot. no alcohol, 80 people per show and no more than six concerts a month. >> protecting planned parenthood. a supervisor wants a 25 foot bumper zone set up to shield women from anti-abortion protesters. there's already a law that requires protesters to stay 80 feet away from the clinic. >> the effort here is to really strike the right balance between the right people have to express themselves and the right balance of the people, the right that they have to access health care, including reprublgtive health. >> planned parent hood is the big baby killing business. so we're here to save lives. >> he says he'll introduce his legislation tomorrow night. >> only on nbc, a 7-year-old
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girl is getting some serious praise from north bay firefighters tonight. her swift action helped prevent a big fire from spreading. nbc bay air ya joins us now from the mill valley fire department with this story. terry? >> reporter: yes, she was here yesterday visiting her grabd mother. she's at grandma's house, juching up and down on the bed, having a great time when all of the sudden, she sees fire. this is the fire that burned yesterday on sickamore avenue. it's a fire the two-year-old saw from across the street. >> i felt really scared and nervous. like the other house next to it, on the left side, was going to burn. >> she called out to grandma to help. she kemt asking. should i call 9-1-1?
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and i said that two times. and she couldn't hear me. the flames started getting louder and higher. and then she didn't hear me. so i just stood by myself so they could come and put out the fire. >> and firefighters did put the fire out. with the tip of the hat to mihalia. >> a lot of peopanic in situati like that. so she did a great thing. >> mihalia's brother and sister are too young to understand what she did. but her mother is very proud. >> her actions would ultimately save houses in the neighborhood and maybe even people. so i think she's an amazing' e hee roef. >> she had nightmares last night, but she's back on top again tonight. >> makes me feel really good and proud of myself. like in super man. >> a battalion chief is quoted in today's independent journal saying it was mihalia's call.
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it isn't really the point. this is a girl who knew what to do and under intense pressure, she did it. she knew what to do because of a video her younger brother brought home. it's all what to do during an emergency. miller's heroes are firefighters. nbc bay area news. >> she really is a little super woman, isn't shep? well, while it's nice to keep the umbrella at home, there's a downside to the dry weather. yeah, you guessed it, an early allergy season. doctors have been seeing a spike in patients. and the culprits, oak, juniper, bu birch tree, you name it. >> i've counted 28 sneezes in the past hour. >> oh, man. i was going to say i was down at the car wash tonight. i went to pick up the thing to wash my windows off, and it was just yellow on top of the water. so much pollen out there.
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but we're going to get some rainfall here to clear out that pollen. we are tracking some mid-level moisture back in the east bay near plezen ton. at best, we may see a bit of drizzle and also misz. we vnt had any rouge returns from this. a lot of that trapped in the mid levels with our storm systems still offshore. it's cool, but definitely not cold. kurn currently, 53 in san hee sai. you can see the cloud cover here in san jose and then off to the north, we also have the clouds. we will not be able to rule out a few areas of drizzle as well at the coast tomorrow. so golden gate travelers and bay bridge travelers, watch out, the roadways will be a little bit slick with the heaviest rainfall waiting to get here. we have two different storm systems, a cold front and then streaming in to all of this is a
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ton of sub trop k58 moisture. this storm is some upper level dynamics, some 20-30,000 feet up. so, yes, we'll get some rainfall, but not the strong rest out of the season. we're going to look at the heaviest beginning in the afternoon tomorrow. from about 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., we'll see some periods of showers moving carrierr0
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i was out this weekend for two hours. and i got fried. >> the weather man gets fried. >> i know. >> no, i was not. >> yeah.
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>> coming um, the rover isn't roving tonight. the problem? it's put the mission on hold.
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well, the ice has been co r covered by the hardwood. tonight, san jose is ready for march madness. they will host teams from around the country to hp. cal and santa cruz are among the high profile teams. it's one of the biggest events in all of sports and it means big business from local restaurants and hotels. the games are on thursday and saturday in san jose. san francisco is turning to one of the world's richest men to cover its budget shortfall for the upcoming america's cup race. the city is asking billionaire larry ellison to help pay for the event. not only can he afford it, but he's got a vested interest since he'll be racing in it.
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the difference is more than 1300 signatures so far. if he agrees, the city won't have to tap into tax incomes to pay for the race. >> the $2.5 million mars rover is sidelined. ground control is in contact, but it cannot perform any of the scientific experiments it's supposed to do. scientists say the problem is most likely caused by space radiation. they have only a few days until a planetary alignment limits between earth and mars during most of april. >> he hasn't seen them in the content for a long time. >> is that henry? >> i think that's henry. >> you know, i apologize. i retired, you know. and then i realized i was broke so i came back to work all of the sudden. we've got a lot going on in sports tonight. the warriors stay red hot in the big easy. but, first, it's the classic from at&t park in san francisco.
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high lights from the semifinal showdown under the lights are next. in sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the warriors entered monday's showdown with the whornets thre of their last four games. second quarter, andrew finds david lee. lee had 20 points, 11 rebounds. third quarter, lee, turnover. vasquez, ally-oop, golden state up eight. stef curry hit the three from the outside. warriors win 93-72. they won four of their last five. speaking of big dunks, lebron
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james throw down in this heated match-up. lebron at 37 points. and u yes, jason terry had a headache after getting embarrassed in front of his own fans. they win their 23rd straight game, second best in nba history. over to women's basketball. as expected, stanford grabbed the number one seed. they're headed to spokane, washington. averaging 22 points in 13 rebounds. tulsa is 17 and 16 overall. when the cal bears are in, with just three losses this season, cal demands respect. they're a number 2 seed and just packed their bags. the bears will take on the number 15 seed, fresno state. to the ice we go, sharks visiting the ducks. sharks down 4-1 at the end of the second.
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marty havlak. shot is saved by matt irwin. scores off the rebound. sharks beyond just one. eight minutes to play now. the slap shot is saved. second chance. the sharks lose 5-3 is your final. to the diamond we go for some baseball. wbc semi-finals in dominican republic. top of the first, andrew jones launches it but makes a great catch in foul territory. 3-1, bottom of the fifth. singled to center. miguel. win 4-1. they will face purt rerto rico the championship game tomorrow. before we get out of here, how about a little bit of love, empbl. tiger woods and dan helsky confirm that they're dating and these are the photos to prove it. oh,tiger.
11:28 pm
he said lindsey and i have been friends for some time. but over the last few months, we have become very close. woopty doo. how creative, tiger. i can't believe it. what's next? pass her a little love note when the teacher is not looking in class? this is ridiculous. >> yeah, henry is a little ticked off tonight. >> ticked off. >> young man. i had to come out of retirement. that's the problem. >> thank you, henry. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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okay, she didn't hit the jackpot, but she did take home more than 300 grand. a mountainview woman turned in heroining lotto ticket today. she picked five of the six numbers. and sergio made a trip to the
11:31 pm
lawn dro mat, made a fantasy five ticket and won more than 300 grand. he plans to use the money for a down payment on a home. >> congratulations to both of them. that's wonder chl.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- morgan freeman, olympic wrestlers rulon gardner and henry cedujo, the music of the james hunter six and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ]
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. thank you very much. [ applause ] hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. hey, i thought this was great. to celebrate st. patrick's day, carnival cruise lines had all their toilets overflowing with green water. did you see that? [ laughter ] beautiful. very festive. [ laughter ] well, you know the whole legend of st. patrick, right?
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st. patrick drove all the snakes out of ireland and then they came here to the united states and became nbc executives. it's a fascinating -- [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] fascinating story. fascinating story. [ applause ] you know, i woke up this morning to the sound of helicopters and police sirens, which, of course in l.a. could only mean one thing. lindsay lohan's back to court again. yes! [ cheers and applause ] well, true to form, lindsay was late once again for a court appearance by almost an hour. >> rickey: ah. >> jay: but, see, i blame the judge. it was the judge's fault. who in their right mind would schedule a lindsay lohan court appearance for the morning after st. patrick's day? come on. [ laughter ] it's common sense. it's just common sense. [ applause ] actually, the real reason lindsay was late, she was in new york city, she got on her flight went out to jfk, got on her flight and then got off the plane again. you know why? it turns out in-flight movie was "liz & dick." [ laughter ] nobody wants to see that. [ light laughter ] no, the judge says tli

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